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I have nothing to tell about myself, and you're probably won't be interested.
Sometimes people asks each other about your "favourite list" of something, and believe me people starts to think very-very hard and came with one-two names and are
looking totally confused. Because making your favourite list forces to use your damn brain at least more than a 30 seconds.
Anyway, here I am with my stable list of favourite anime. I wanted to make it long ago, and write about it. Because this is my most beloved and treasured series. Don't
like one of them, maybe all of them? Too bad. This is my list.
So I'm counting down...!

#5 Accel World

You know that type of anime which came from nowhere, you waits for nothing, then you just take a pick and WHOA - that's a bomb! That's what Accel World for me. It was on-going along with Legend of Korra season 1, so I've watched it and that with friend every episode of them, and I liked them pretty much. But Korra is not anime,
and Korra is not as smart, vicious, powerful and beautiful as our main heroine of Accel World - Kuroyukihime, also know as Black Lotus. Of course there were Haru, because it is shounen about MMO battles and main character supposed to be male, but... Black Snow Princess overshadows him so hard. Maybe that's why Arita has unlikely image, fat and short. They a good pair, and partners, and master-student.
Anyway all her screentime she is doing only amazing stuff after amazing stuff. Her personal episodes also gives us more than we wanted.
But of course it's not one-character-anime, it has great setting, great action, interesting battle avatars design, especially Black Lotus of course. And NO Japanese stuff
at all (which pleasures me a lot), because it is near future. Story also were brought smoothly and doesn't have strict, forced and slow moments,
well... maybe 1-2 episodes, but only because it was explanation and exposition for future greatness.
And naturally nice animation/design and great soundtrack.
Accel World, surprise of awesomeness.

#4 Darker Than BLACK

...including sequel, including OVAs. Especially OVAs.
DtB was a hard choice. It was produced by Bones (fuck you, Soul Eater), doesn't have any literature basis, has a huge problems with logic, origins, setting and especially with endings (both seasons), and that "Izanami thing" what greatly annoys me. Also this is the only anime of the list with soundtrack I can hardly remember.
BUT. With all those minuses, it's one of the greatest anime I have even seen. First at all, very stylish picture, dark atmosphere without rude attitude, black humour and over the top choices. Wonderful directing, lot of small details, silent scenes what tells much more than ton of dialogues. Second, "realistic" action with supernatural abilities, like a dance of every available way to bring action about bullets, knifes and ability to bolt people to DEATH. It doesn't fool us with "OMG he just made a superduper multylayered plan in one sec" or "he took that ability from nowhere and won". No and no! DtB is harsh, dark and stylish ballet of serious supernatural dramatic action about grown up people with hard decisions and tired life.
And about grown up people. Hei is calm, quiet and cold-hearted main character who is assassin what KILLS PEOPLE in ONE STRIKE, total opposite of another school kids which
are dominates today. Also his mask. You know why I've created Odi.
And we have Yin. This three letters tells you about one of the most wonderful female partner of the whole anime universe. And I can tell about Yin even more, but It can
be for forever, really. You know that "Izanami thing" impair her a little, but we can ignore it anyway.
Darker than BLACK, beware of BK-201!

#3 To Aru Magutsu no Index

Or A Certain Magical Index, if you pleased. Of course there were the Railgun, which is nice addition to Index, but it can't just be better. Mostly because Railgun about
girls, schools and sometimes DARK BLOODY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS and kawaii girls again.
Index focuses more at DARK BLO- well you get it. And it has different colour palettes, Index has cold, blue purple tones, and Railgun warm, orange colours.
It is based on novels unlike Railgun which is based on manga. So naturally it has TON OF explanation, dialogues, and texttexttext. And you know what, this is not Kyokaisen-jo no Horaizon, it knows how to tell it right, how to not kill viewer with tsunami of exposition. Battles are short, but practical, there no any of Bleach bullshit with stupid abilities from ass and long fights to stretch the time. Quick and effective. Also bloody sometimes, because Accelerator.
The creators presents you the best place in the world - Academy City. This setting done so well, so pleasant, so in-place without any questionable moments what you
literally wants to be there. You just wishes to live in this city, as it's most cool place in world. Even with all those crimes around.
Setting helps you to deal with every minuses of series, like tedious talking, boring magical arcs, ridiculous villains and the main problem of series - Kuroko Shirai (I hate her soooo much). Characters like Touma, Misaka and Accelerator are good, even great, as main characters, but they all can be easily toned down by just lot of great examples of secondary cast. Most of them done so good what everyone could has their own spin-off series, like Misaka.
Animation is great, colours are wonderful, directing are fabulous, pacing is tensed grips you in its claws. Soundtrack is just wonderful, as well all the songs.
Of course after Sisters Arc someone struck author in head too hard and he starts to bring this church bullshit and weak kawaii villain girls overboard, but mostly it doesn't
disturb you too much, because Index has a rich palette of everything else. Including Index herself.
Certain Magical Index, because Touma, Touma... will punch you in face!

#2 Deadman Wonderland

This is only 12 episodes + OVA. Only 12 goddamn episodes! So not enough to taste, so not enough to see, so not enough to enjoy, so much love it sprouts around. Especially uncensored.
So basically it's anime about jail. Already something totally unused in popular media. All characters can use blood as weapon and it's not a magic? Cool. Main character is a school kid being thrown into that jail around real criminals? Whoa. Main heroines is a big mystery but sooooo cute? Well... so cute! Opening scene shows the whole school class were brutally killed by unknown murderer and main character sees severed head of his best friend... wait WHAT?!
Yes, Deadman Wonderland throws shocking scene after shocking scene at viewer, it just won't let you stop enjoying all this shock. And believe me, they show guro without disgust, without harsh black humor and blandness of Elfen Lied. It feels so natural and in place. Dark corridors filled with green filter, toned down colours, not any attempt to use blur effect, smooth animation without CGI, lyrical soundtrack also mades it to work. Everything tries to make you feel it, see it. Just hard to forget that feeling.
Of course it's not usual jail, it's anime jail but without anime farce, comedy, superdeformed and even overreactions. Because it's jail, you can't make fun of it, people dies, people driven to madness, real madness, not like in goddamn Soul Eater. You feels sorry for them, you counts for them, you wish they have a good life, like were promised in ending. But people dying, you know it. It's just that sad and harsh anime what you can watch and watch. Not matter how anime contradicts with manga, what is great too and ended right, without stretching.
I want sequel, yes. I want more of Ganta and Shiro. Because I've placed this one 2nd place not just like that. I love Deadman Wonderland. Especially uncensored.
Deadman Wonderland, better than you expected.

And before Number one, several mentions what are good too, but my list of TOP 5 has only five spots, sorry guys.

#Favorite Shounen - Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)

After manga ended people likes to say what the Brotherhood is much much better, because it's true to manga. But no, it's not, everything that was good about FMA ended after Conqueror of Shamballa.
And original series was my first serious shounen.

#Favorite Slice of Life - AnoHana

Its more... like a very sad ghost story, than a slice of life, because I hardly like daily life series in anime. For daily life I have live action tv-shows. So Anohana (or it's much longer title) is very very sad 11 episodes which you cannot forget no matter what. Thanks, Menma.

#Favorite Romcom - Toradora

Thanks to Taiga, you can see where I've got most expressions for July.
And I'm not a fan of romantic comedies as well, but Toradora a bit different. Maybe because of the cutest tsundere ever, or because of eyes of main male lead. But anyway, tiger x dragon rocks.

#Favorite Action-Comedy that a not Shounen - Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

You just can't imagine how funny it is. This mao-story with all those perverted, sex jokes, sudden nudity, it's just so funny. I don't know how did they do that, but they did. Characters are unforgettable, main hero is likeable, action is cool, ending is cute. Watch it, now!

#Favorite On-Going - World Conquest Zvezda Plot

I can't add it higher not only because it is unfinished yet, but mostly because 3rd and 4th episodes almost made me to drop it. Compared to 1st and 2nd - it's like earth
and sky. How could they did that? Why they did that? I know what some anime has terrible 3rd or 4th episode... but why both and why SO terrible? Thanks heavens after that it regain its awesomeness totally.

#Favorite Movie(s) - Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa / Bleach: Memories
of Nobody

Many people, mostly fans of shows itself HATES these movies. Why? What did they done? What you don't like then movie takes its own way and shows what the series
suppose to be and much better? Well for Conqueror of Shamballa it's hard to say, because it's ending to FMA (2003). Darker tone, grown up Edward, Nazis, brothers reunited, and atmosphere, damn I love it.
And Bleach. That movie makes me cry every time I watching it, it shows what was Bleach supposed to be, a ghost story. But nope, Bleach is nothing like that. Like that guy said "...because Bleach is a terrible show".

#Favorite so called "guilty pleasure" - Dog & Scissors

I don't know... just don't know. There are so much wrong about this short anime - repeated jokes, insanity, strict animation, it doesn't have ending, BUT I can't... I can't not to delete it, not to forget it, not to stop re-watching it. JUST HOW? It's just talking dog, writer who slice people with scissors and madness around them with writing fetish! Damn!

Okay, done with it, back to serious business.

#1 Blood+

People likes not just ignore the whole Blood franchise, like OVA, live action movie and especially this goddamned Blood-C. But in the most they likes to forget about 52-episodes series - Blood+.
Blood Plus has the same theme, Saya who is vampire by herself (daywalker by the way), kills monster-like vampires with katana, just like OVA, and that's it. This scheme just grown up DETAILS around it, lot of details, lot of characters, lot of heart even with serious marketing plan to made is successful. I don't know is it works, or not... but it totally grabbed me in.
I love every things about this anime - animation (Production I.G. who else?), that gorgeous not-animesh music, what made you feels like this is real live action movie being looked
like an anime. Much like DtB is shows calm pacing with silent details, slow events, and brutal action in same time. It doesn't have ANY anime trends, it is so not japanese and japanese in same time. It shows different places of events, different ages, they even goes to Russia and they managed to recreate that atmosphere, much better than in Darker Than Black 2.
I love how they mix vampires and science and still it's feels mysterious and out there, because we don't know where from Saya and Diva came from the beginning. It's so tragic anime, it shows how easy to ruin your happy life, your family, and I sees it, feels it. Shocking moments shocked me right, sad scenes made me feels sadness.
There were time when I weren't capable to continue watching because of events. And I've rewatched and rewatched last two episodes just to feel this again and to keep moving,
but like Saya, I wouldn't. Well I've dealt with it, but anyway.
I like main characters, I like Saya, I like Hagi, I like Mozes, I like Kay. Okay there a lot undeveloped characters, they were just there and it was alright to be around them - they helped, cheered Saya, fought for her.
Especially I want to mention The Schiffs. The plot arc touched me right here, I loved them with every my brain cell, I just can't imagine Blood+ without them, not matter how tragic their arc was. The Schiffs, you are the best! T_T
Also this anime came to me with dub, Russian dub. And I can't imagine Blood+ without that dub, it was so well done and worked for atmosphere.
People says this anime is straightforward, predictable, doesn't have really confused plot with multiple twists. But I love it how it was done - they just slowly walked to their goal, Saya moved to defeat Diva and to stop Chiropterans. Life was spinning around that line and I was part of it.
Blood+, made me to love vampires.

Thanks for reading my TOP 5 favourite anime list. You never watched any of it? Go, try. You disagrees with me, thinks what it stinks? Too bad, that is my opinion. I won't call it away.
Do not like my engrish? GTF

It was dragol, see you next time. Because I have 5 anime what I just HATE.

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